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US Auto insurance companies: STATE FARM

US Auto Insurance Companies
State Farm Auto Insurance

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State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm has been engaged in the business of providing affordable automobile insurance since 1922. It is a group of companies providing insurance and financial services. State Farm has been the largest automobile insurance company in the US since 1942 continuously. The headquarters of State Farm Automobile Insurance Company is in Bloomington, Illinois. State Farm enjoys 31st rank in the Fortune 500 list of 2009 based on revenues. Fortune Global 500 names State Farm as the world’s

largest mutual P & C (Property and Casualty Insurance) company. Toronto Star new paper announced that Mediacorp Canada Inc. has named State Farm Insurance Companies in Canada as one the Greater Toronto’s Top Employers. State Farm’s employee strength is 67,000 and 17,000 agents who service 77 million policy holders in the US and Canada. They also service over 1.9 million bank accounts. Farm Insuring e4xceeded 40 million in 2005.

State Farm Automobile Insurance Company is the parent company of many wholly owned subsidiary companies that provide property insurance and life insurance besides banking products and mutual funds. State Farm Investment Management Group acts as the investment advisor to the State Farm Associate and Retail Mutual Funds. It also serves as the transfer agent for these companies. State Farm VP Management Corp. is the broker and dealer for the above funds and State Farm Variable Products.

1922 – Founded by George J Mecherle a retired farmer. He believed that farmers should pay less insurance as they drove less. Farmers agreed with him and his company became an instant success. His company concentrated mainly on providing auto insurance to Illinois farmers. The mutual organization providing this service was owned by the customers. The company started providing various types of insurance to farmers including home owners insurance and life insurance.

State Farm Life Insurance Company was started in 1929.
State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Company was established in 1935 to offer property insurance for State Farm customers in the US and Canada.

In 1942 State Farm became the nation’s largest auto insurance firm and remains so ever since. Nearly one out of every five car is insured by State Farm Auto Insurance.

In the year 1961 State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company was founded for meeting the special life insurance requirements in cities like New York, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

State Farm General Insurance Company started as an insurance affiliate in 1962. This company later evolved into the primary provider of State Farm Homeowners and property liability insurance in California State.

State Farm has been the largest insurer of homes from the year 1964.
The State Farm Mutual Automobile Company started its health insurance in the year 1965. Later Stat4e Farm Automobile Insurance Company became the parent company of many wholly owned subsidiaries providing various other kinds of insurance.

State Farm Indemnity Company started in 1991 and does business in the state of New Jersey. The company aimed at providing accurate pricing and risk assessment for their auto insurance offerings.

These companies have been marketing Variable Products to customers through State Farm VP Management Corporation from the year 1998. They provided home owners insurance, boat owners insurance and other commercial lines.

In 2006, State Farm Guaranty Insurance Company began its operations in the state of New Jersey.

State Farm Bank was established in 1998 with a focus on consumer oriented financial products. It is a nontraditional financial institution without branch offices.

The bank provides assistance through phone call center, mail and on the internet.

NATIONWIDE Auto Insurance information

US Auto Insurance Companies
Nationwide Auto Insurance

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Nationwide Auto Insurance

Nationwide is a name that figures among the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. This company operates on a wide spectrum of services like domestic property insurance, casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, in addition to asset management and strategic investments. Nationwide started off as a small mutual auto insurer into its present status over 80 years of consistent service to car owners and drivers. The statutory assets of Nationwide exceed $135 billion. Sponsored by Farm Bureaus, Nationwide continues to enjoy the support of eight of them even today.

History of Nationwide

1925 – Founded as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation with the aim of providing farmers with quality auto insurance at low rates.

1928 – Sponsored by local organizations, Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance spreads its wings to other states such as Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Vermont and West Virginia.

1934 – Business diversifies into insuring metropolitan motorists along with beginning to offer property insurance.

1943 – Expands business in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

1955 – With the addition of 20 states to their business, the company goes for a name change to Nationwide Insurance.

1978 – Establishes the International Headquarters at Central Ohio in the largest single office a 40 story building in Central Ohio.

1982 – Nationwide acquires Farmland Insurance, the 100 year old company and America’s leading farm insurer and the company is now known as Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance.

1997 – Nationwide Financial – the company becomes a public holding company.

2000 – Nationwide Arena starts National Hockey League franchise of Columbus Blue Jackets.

2007 – Opening of Nationwide Bank

The board of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company today works with a spirit of continuous improvement and is committed to accountability and to maintain the highest standards of performance and professionalism. Customers can address their concerns or complaints to Nationwide Office of Ethics and Business Practices on phone or by writing or by fax.

Nationwide Car Insurance
You can get online car insurance quotes and the coverage that suits you. The coverage includes 100 percent repair guarantee for the entire period of your ownership of the car and their Blue Ribbon Claim services are available nationwide 24 hours of the day 7 days of the week. You can also get free On Your Side Reviews that help you in choosing the right coverage options and discounts for lifetime. Nationwide provides a better claims experience you can save a lot by availing discounts for insuring both your home and car with the company.

With its long legacy as a champion of safety, the company has been advocating the use of seat belts, air bags and interlock devices and to reduce drunken driving. Their campaign has resulted in the increase in the use of seat belts from 61 to 82 percent and reduced the airbag related death of children by 96 percent. Nationwide reaches out to the people to educate them about safety and works with auto manufacturers and safety advocates for exploring ways to make roads and cars safer.

Nationwide Foundation contributed $50 million for the establishment of Columbus Children’s Hospital in 2006 which was renamed Nationwide Children’s Hospital to honor the gift. The company also partners with Mid-Ohio Food Bank to provide food to the citizens in Ohio. Their efforts also help to feed food pantries in 20 countries. Their associates organize local fund raising events for supporting the food banks.