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American Automobile Association (AAA) Auto Insurance

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American Automobile Association Inc. (AAA) Auto Insurance

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AAA Auto Insurance

AAA stands for American Automobile Association Inc. It is a federation of many affiliated automobile clubs. These non-profit independent organizations are controlled by their Board of Directors and chartered and incorporated in their states. For example, if you are a resident of Southern California, you will be a member of the Automobile Club of Southern California. AAA has also gone worldwide with affiliates like Canadian Automobile Association. These clubs own their territory of residence and offer memberships based on residence and their services and dues vary. To become a member of AAA each club agrees to provide its members and members of other AAA clubs certain standard services. The products and services of AAA are known to be exceptional. Auto insurance through AAA is both affordable and of high quality.

About AAA
AAA was established in 1902, started functioning as a group that advocated for repair and building of roads that are safe for automobiles. Being one of the oldest automobile insurance companies in the US, AAA has long been lobbying for the issues related to automobiles. The non-profit organization provides travel and financial services in addition to individually owned automobiles. Now AAA is well known for its top rated auto insurance and their handy travel guides.

How to get AAA Auto Insurance?
You can go the website of AAA and request a quote online by filling out an online form. You will get a no-obligation quote immediately. The rate will be surprisingly lower than your present coverage or any other. AAA automobile insurance may not be available in certain states.

Salient features of AAA Auto Insurance

1. Auto insurance rates are based on how you use your vehicle, how often and where they are driven, the driver’s details and their driving records. Premiums rates are calculated according to the amount of coverage you want and the deductibles you choose.

2. They offer many different plan types from liability auto insurance to full coverage auto insurance. AAA can suggest you many ways to change your present coverage and deductibles so that you can lower your premium.

3. AAA offers quite a number of driver and vehicle discounts. Using these discounts you will be able to save more by purchasing your auto insurance from AAA.

4. AAA can help you with your homeowners and life insurance policies too. AAA allows significant discount if you purchase automobile, home and life insurance from them.

5. AAA auto insurance offers Dynamic Deals on their website. The current specials keep changing and you will get generous special discounts on your purchases at Target.com. Get an Auto insurance card from AAA which entitles you for many other benefits. Membership allows you to save on a range of products from health and life insurance to prescription drugs. The section that lists various savings includes travel and rented cars.

6. AAA Auto insurance card holders can get emergency road service.

7. AAA will waive $250 of the deductible in the event of an accident involving another vehicle insured by AAA. AAA’s claim services are ranked as the highest in North America.

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