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DODGE Auto Insurance

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Dodge Auto Insurance

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Dodge Auto Insurance

Insurance is your safety precaution against the unknown future. Dodge Insurance has a great range of options for the insurance coverage of your motor vehicle. You can pick that which suits your vehicle and driving conditions best.

When you opt for the Dodge car insurance, you would generally save a good amount. The highlights of the insurance plan at Dodge and the discounts are

· Safe driving features
· Safety features
· Multi vehicle insurance

Dodge insurance is available for any model of car manufactured in any year. The most appropreate Dodge vehicle insurance can be accessed via several websites. For instance, http://www.desperateseller.co.uk/make/dodge/dodgeinsurancemodels.html allows you to click on the Dodge model that you want covered from a list. This will help you access details of the best 10 car insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

Dodge Quotes: Search engines for Dodge insurance are available at several sites. For instance, the site http://www.carpages.co.uk/dodge/ presents you with a list of car insurers that include Dodge Car Insurance. You can also access information about the various covers ofered and avail the facility of quotes online.

Dodge quotes are easy to apply for. You just have to fill in the quote form to get the quote for your vehicle. Generally, the information that you will supply in the quote include your name, address, make of the car and when you bought it.

Dodge Insurance is taken care of by the Diamler Insurance Services UK Limited, registered in England. It is underwritten by the Norwich Insurance Company. Both the Diamler and Norwich Insurance companies are regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Authority.

The First Cover: As soon as a Dodge vehicle is purchased you are offered a week’s complimentary cover for your vehicle , be it new or second hand. To avail the first cover offer you can call 08450 604 0145. the lines are open Monday through Friday between 8.30am and 6pm. On Saturdays you can call between 9am and 2pm.

If your vehicle gets stolen: If your vehicle gets robbed or is not located after a period of timewhen it goes missing, the Dodge Finance Gap Insurance can help safeguard the problems in the settlement of you finances. The Gap plan can pay up to 10,000 pounds to cover the difference between the insurance settlement and the amount to clear the finance agreement. This would help relieve you of considerable outstanding liability.

Another offer by Dodge to help you tide over the crisis of a stolen car is the Dodge Invoice Gap Insurance. This coverage will give you the amount that is the difference between the what you receive after the insurance settlement and the invoice amount you paid for your car. The ceiling for this amount is 25,000 pounds.

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