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Insure Inc

Insure.com, Inc is the group whose principal activity is to provide comprehensive consumer information service. The company is headquartered in Darien, Illinois. The group owns and operates insure.com the website

for online consumer insurance information service. The company’s common stock (Insure.com) is listed on NASDAQ as NSUR. This service helps consumers and business owners to get instant quotes form 30 life insurance companies and many other life, health, home and auto insurance products online. The website has other invaluable resources for the consumer such as access to other form of insurance of all types such as auto, home owners, renters insurance, long-term care, travel and health insurance personal finance and decision making tools etc. through many of their partners. The company gets its revenues form the commissions and fees paid by various partnering agencies and companies for generating the volume of traffic and insurance sales that it generates. The revenues include standard commissions, back end bonuses; volume based contingent bonus commissions from the participating insurance companies. Any insurance shopper can obtain a free instant auto insurance quote or any other insurance quote online instantly from the leading insurance companies. The website hosts hundreds of original articles on insurance topics as a way of providing valuable information to the consumers.

Insure.com was founded in the year 1984 and was known as Quotesmith Corporation. The company changed its name to Quotesmith.com, Inc in 1998. It changed the name again to Insure.com in the year 2006. In the US Insure.com provides customers various life insurance quotes online and also by mail or phone. Customers are provided to buy their insurance over phone or online from a company they choose.

Insure.com offers three ways to save on your insurance bills.

1. Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts based on many factors such as safe driver discounts to safety devices and more.

2. Higher deductibles can greatly reduce your premium rates. This is the amount you will pay even before the insurance company pays its part when there is a loss or damage resulting from an ‘

3. ‘Mulitline’ discount is applicable if you by all your policies from the same insurer.

The other ways to reduce your insurance bills is pay upfront the full amount for your insurance term. Some insurance companies offer special discounts for electronic fund transfer from your checking account.

The editor of Insure.com Amy Danise emphasizes the importance of insurance thus: "Insurance is essential for protecting your family from financial crisis in the event of a major accident or other disaster. And with all the discounts and other money-saving strategies available, you can make sure your insurance bills don't break the bank."


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