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SAFECO Auto Insurance

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Safeco Auto Insurance

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Safeco Auto Insurance

The Safeco insurance is one of the leading insurance companies. It is very well known for its quick customer service. Safeco Auto Insurance Company’s mission is to make the experience of the processes of buying, selling and managing insurance easier. The aim is to quote and issue insurance policies within minutes. The company sells their products through a national network that consists of independent agents and brokers who are well versed in giving you the options and advice. The company also believes that diversity is the key to creating a dynamic work environment. Safeco helps you breeze through the claims process too. When you are involved in an accident you can trust them to be there to help you. Safeco is dedicated to providing fair, fast and friendly claim service. You will also get step by step guidance in going through the claims process.

The vision of insurance executive Hawthorne K Dent resulted in pioneering of a whole new approach to insurance. Dent started the General Insurance Company of America defying all convention. This Seattle based insurer after initial hiccups, started earning praise for the competitive prices it offered and the superb service.

In the year 1953, taking advantage of computer automation tools, the company started a new business named Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, in short Safeco.

By the late 1960s, Safeco ventured into life insurance business with the name Safeco Corporation, after its parent company.

In 1997 Safeco took over American States Financial Corporation to become a leading writer of insurance for the small and mid sized businesses.

Safeco had swiftly reached a $1 Billion loss in 2001, but in 2002 the company earned profits of $300 million plus.

In 2004, Safeco sold life and investment operations to focus on property and casualty insurance and surety fully.

By 2005 Safeco has reached a record annual net income of $880 million.

In 2007, Safeco reached its second best ever annual net income becoming an indispensable choice for the customers, shareholders and agents. This was achieved through innovative thinking and customer focus.

Safeco applies the philosophy of diversity with regard to customers. They design products that would really appeal to a broad spectrum of customers. That is the reason the company represents their products all over the country in many different languages and cultures to protect their lives and their possessions. The company supports inclusive causes throughout the communities they work in to promote diversity. Safeco welcomes employees from various backgrounds and perspectives. This step is to encourage new ideas in their business activities that give them the competitive edge to enter new markets. The company strives to create an inclusive work environment that is built around mutual respect, understanding and co-operation that bring out the best in them.

The Safeco Advantage
To purchase Safeco Auto Insurance online, you can receive a quote within 10 minutes. You can purchase the policy instantly. You an also talk to an agent of Safeco by clicking on the appropriate button on their site. Their representative will contact you within 2 days and will answer your questions about their auto insurance policies. Their web site has the contact information such as customer service phone numbers, emails and addresses of various offices.

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